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A divorce can take its toll on a person's emotions, energy and budget. Informed decisions need to be made on a long list of issues that could affect you and your children today and for years to come.

You need to know the facts, the options and the laws that govern divorce matters in Connecticut. The one person who can prepare you for what is to come is an experienced divorce lawyer with a track record of success.

Only the most versatile divorce attorney can thoughtfully and successfully mediate issues that divide a couple or family; negotiate with counsel for a former spouse in ways that achieve lasting results; or aggressively litigate support, custody and property division goals for a client.

James Cuddy is that kind of lawyer. A divorce and family law attorney in Shelton, Connecticut, for Over 20 Years, his law firm, The Law Offices of James A. Cuddy, LLC, can seek an amicable settlement that sets a tone of future cooperation or he will forcefully act in your best interests in court. His proven legal leadership is adaptable to any circumstance, efficient with your resources and respectful of your feelings at all times.

Your initial consultation is free, and can be conducted at our law firm or at your home or office. We are proud of the attentive personal service we offer to every client we serve. Each of our family law services is designed for your convenience and comfort.

Call toll free from wherever you are in New Haven County or Fairfield County: 866-785-4409. You can also reach us online by e-mail. Messages left with us after business hours are always promptly returned.

Experienced Shelton, Connecticut, Divorce Lawyer James Cuddy

Our full-service divorce and family law offices place special focus on practice areas such as:

Solutions to divorce issues are not "one size fits all" for every couple. You deserve approaches that are attuned to your specific, unique situation. James Cuddy listens carefully to everything you tell him, and blends your wishes with his legal knowledge to find the common ground that can benefit you today and many years from now.

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