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If your Connecticut family is far behind on its home mortgage payments and being threatened with foreclosure by a bank or lender, you face money worries every day — and an uncertain future. You need the kind of quality, experienced legal representation in foreclosure mediation that can protect your rights, preserve your home and restore your hopes.

These skilled legal services were offered by Shelton attorney James Cuddy even before the crippling statewide and national recession. For the past Over 20 Years, he has helped Fairfield County and New Haven County families to get back on their feet and maintain possession of the home they worked so hard to afford.

From review of your mortgage contract to face-to-face discussions with your lender, The Law Offices of James A. Cuddy, LLC, advocates for your financial and emotional investment in your home. Our founder offers sound legal advice and compassionate client commitment to those in danger of losing their longtime residence to a financial institution.

An experienced lawyer skilled in mediation can give you the best chance for the mortgage workout or modification you need in Connecticut. Contact James Cuddy for a free consultation. Our toll-free number is 866-785-4409.

As an example of our attorney's attentive personal service, he can come to you — to your home or office — to conduct your initial consultation, if you are unable to travel to him.

The Law Offices of James A. Cuddy, LLC, in Shelton, Connecticut

Connecticut requires mandatory mediation for owner-occupied homes before the mortgage lender can foreclose on your home. Your mediation process consists of talks between you, a court mediator, Attorney Cuddy and a bank representative. Attorney Cuddy can hear both sides, seek common ground between you, make recommendations and suggest practical solutions.

James Cuddy thoroughly prepares for your mediation sessions, refers to collected financial information, and provides you with facts and options that can lead to sound decisions. We want to be able to show your bank that problems can be solved by additional income from a second job, a mortgage modification or some other method.

Make the most of your family's foreclosure mediation opportunity. Results-driven representation, customized to your unique needs, is available to you today at the Law offices of James A. Cuddy, LLC.

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Shelton foreclosure mediation attorney James Cuddy is willing to come to you, for your free consultation, if you are unable to travel to him. Call toll free: 866-785-4409.