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Mediator or Parenting Coordinator - Who do I use?

If you are having issues with your ex regarding parenting time, chances are that you want to get back into court to have a judge find him or her in contempt of court, or you want to modify your current order so that you have more time with the kids. While these may be genuine issues that you want resolved quickly, you may not be able to get back to court as soon as you had hoped.

The job of a custody evaluator

There are a number of steps in a child custody dispute. Indeed, there is an initial hearing, there may be a recommendation for mediation, then there may be a status hearing before the court. Before a trial is convened, the court may recommend that a custody evaluation be performed where a third party essentially conducts interviews and makes observations and then furnishes a report to the court.

Steps divorcees can take to make 2015 fabulous

January is known for the month where some may say that they can’t take it anymore and make the decision to get divorced. This is why January is known for having the most divorce filings than any other month of the year. So with a month dedicated to resolutions that will help shape the year ahead, it is prudent for people who have recently had divorces finalized to make promises to themselves to make the next year positive.

Why some wait till January to divorce

It is no secret that January tends to be a month where a higher number of divorces are initiated. In fact, some believe that the first month of the year is where the most divorces are started. Because of this, if you are contemplating a divorce, you are certainly not alone. But the question remains, why is January such a popular month for divorces?

Building on the lessons from the 'Christmas Truce'

With this being our first post of the New Year, we hope all of our readers have a happy and prosperous 2015. January is the month where people traditionally make resolutions, and this year is not likely to be different. So don’t be surprised if you are bombarded with commercials from fitness centers and weight loss organizations trying to get you to turn a new leaf and solicit their services.

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