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Divorce can lead to heart health troubles for women

Most people understand that moving beyond a broken marriage is stressful. Even in cases where divorce is clearly the best option, the end of a marriage is always difficult to navigate. In some cases, the stress surrounding divorce is severe and can lead to a number of health concerns. Recent research suggests that the ill effects of a divorce may be far more pronounced than once thought. For Connecticut women who are preparing to divorce, this information may be of particular interest.

Actress loses recent child custody hearing

Many Connecticut readers are familiar with the hit television show "Gossip Girl." One of the actors from that show, Kelly Rutherford, has recently been dealt a terrible blow in her child custody fight with her former husband. The pair have been struggling in court for nearly six years over the care and custody of their two children, and in a recent action Rutherford asked that her children be returned to the United States and placed in her care.

Child custody dispute leads to arrest for kidnapping

Few matters are more emotionally charged than struggles over child custody. When two parents are unable to come to an agreement on how to share the joys and responsibilities of raising a shared child, things can get ugly very quickly. Such is the case for a West Coast mother who found herself arrested and charged with kidnapping after a child custody dispute escalated. The story serves as a warning to parents in Connecticut and across the nation of the importance of taking the proper steps when seeking changes to an existing child custody order.

Safeguarding a business during an owner's divorce

Many Connecticut residents have put their hearts and souls into building a successful business. Some have also worked hard to build a personal life that is equally successful, but have not been as lucky in love as they were in the business world. When divorce is on the horizon, many business owners wish that they had taken more aggressive action to safeguard their business from division during divorce.

Kids' messages for divorcing parents

In a prior post, we highlighted a few guidelines parents who are contemplating divorce should follow when telling their children about their impending divorce. Essentially, the children should be reassured that you are still going to be their parents, and that they are loved and still part of the family; even though the family will be somewhat different.

Can kids benefit from a divorce?

If you are ambivalent about getting divorced because of your fears about what it may do to children, you are not alone. There is plenty of research and information on how kids may have a difficult time when their parents break up. But keep in mind, there is a great deal of information on how resilient kids are. One of the reasons why kids end up being okay is because the parents may do better in their own spaces.

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