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Consider Social Security during divorce negotiations

Many Connecticut residents are aware of the divorce rumors surrounding the marriage of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner. While there has been no formal announcement that the high-profile pair has split, the speculation about the end of their marriage leads to an interesting topic of discussion. The pair are nearing their 10-year anniversary, and if they divorce before that date has passed, they may be making a financial mistake that is of interest to many who earn far less than the celebrity couple.

Alimony payments scrutinized by Internal Revenue Service

Many factors can contribute to the breakup of a marriage, from the unavoidable stresses of daily life to infidelity of one or both partners. Whatever the cause, the decision to divorce is never an easy one, and this is certainly the case in Connecticut as well as in other parts of the country. One of the issues a couple must factor in when going through this process is alimony.

Taxes, mediation are very important when dealing with alimony

Alimony can be a very divisive matter in divorce. Sometimes, the splitting spouses are able to negotiate which spouse pays, how much, and how often -- but sometimes that simply isn't possible. It may be that the divorce is high net worth, and thus the two spouses can't agree on how much alimony should be paid. It may be that the emotions and anger involved in the divorce prevent the spouses from negotiating fairly and properly.

Key elements in proving cohabitation in an alimony case

Many Connecticut residents who pay alimony may find some facts regarding the termination of payments interesting. Obtaining sufficient evidence for proving a valid reason for asking the court to rule in favor of terminating alimony is a complicated undertaking. There are a few key elements that are generally considered in this process.

Proving cohabitation in alimony cases

When a married couple files for divorce, a judge may order one of the parties to make monthly spousal support payments to the other party. Alimony payments will sometimes end after a set period of time, which may be determined by the length of a marriage. An ex-spouse's remarriage to another person will also terminate the spousal support obligation. In Connecticut, alimony payments may also be stopped when the recipient begins cohabitating with another person.

Connecticut divorce: Men can request alimony too

When we think about alimony, most people think about a man paying support to his ex-wife. Since alimony has existed, the majority of recipients have been women. In the past this was so often the case because men tended out-earned their wives. Today, however, more than 35 percent of mothers who are married make more than their husbands, opening the door for men to request alimony.

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