Changing The Terms Of Your Loan

Keeping You In Your Home

Are you and your family facing foreclosure on the home you worked so hard to afford? Are you seeking creative legal strategies for avoiding eviction, or averting a short sale that leaves you with little or nothing? You need a mortgage modification and loan workout lawyer who gets results.

Our law firm's founder, James Cuddy, combines proven legal expertise and knowledge of lender behavior with talents at mediation and negotiation, to achieve the results you are after. His foreclosure defense skills, in or out of court, and foreclosure mediation legal services could go a long way toward keeping you in your home while you address your financial distress.

How We Can Help

Our skilled attorney can meet with your bank or mortgage lender, discuss your legitimate financial hardship and establish your ability to stay current with payments on your home after your loan modification is in place.

James Cuddy can also help you plan your mortgage modification application and plan a persuasive presentation of your appeal. He carefully examines your existing contract for any evidence of TILA or RESPA violations that could work in your favor. He can seek an interest rate reduction or modification or mortgage terms that you are able to afford.

Don't Give Up Hope

Don't rush to judgment and surrender your home in a short sale that returns next to nothing on your investment. Don't succumb to "quick fix" temptations such as debt consolidation schemes and 401(k) cash-outs to keep your head above water. Shelton mortgage modification attorney James Cuddy is prepared to apply his signature quality and experienced representation to your mortgage foreclosure legal problems. He can even advocate for you while your foreclosure is in process.

Contact Us For A Free Consultation

Call 203-583-8256 local or 866-785-4409 toll free to set up your first meeting. If your voice message comes in to our law firm after business hours, we will return it promptly on the next office day. You can also reach us online with an email. If your busy schedule prevents you from visiting our Shelton, Connecticut, law offices, James Cuddy can arrange to come to you.