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Three reasons why mediation may be helpful to you

If you are getting divorced, or are going through a child custody battle (for those who are not married) the possibility of protracted litigation is enough to keep them up at night. After all, the discovery disputes, court hearings and custody evaluations could run tens of thousands of dollars. Even more troubling, the emotional toil that comes with the process can be especially draining.

Nevertheless, parents do not have to follow that traditional method of pounding each other into submission. Instead of doing battle in court, parents can choose mediation as a way to reach productive resolutions. 

 Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution where a neutral third party (the mediator) helps the parties to find mutually beneficial solutions to custody and parenting time disputes. Unlike a judge, mediators do not focus on who is right or who is wrong, or who should win and who should lose. Rather, he or she helps the parties understand the importance of reaching a resolution.

There are a few important reasons why mediation may a beneficial path for you.

Cheaper than traditional litigation – As we mentioned earlier, litigation can be particularly expensive with discovery requests, motions, and custody evaluations. Mediation is significantly less expensive because it does not involve all of these steps.

Relationships are preserved – Parents are never quite the same after going through a custody trial. These permanent scars can be avoided through mediation.

The parties control the process – With mediation, the parties can go as quickly as they like, or as slow as they please in reaching an agreement. They are not beholden to the court’s scheduling order. 

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