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Can communication differences lead to disputes?

Ask any successful business person; the key to their success is likely going to be the ability to create and maintain relationships. Similarly, the key to creating and maintaining relationships is likely going to be the ability to communicate. We highlight these keys because they are helpful in having a successful divorce (and post-divorce life).

We define success in divorces as being able to have an orderly and fair distribution of assets, as well as being able to mitigate disputes that may arise along the way. With that said, it is important to realize the different communication styles between men and women and how they can lead to disagreements. We will highlight two of the most common differences.

Questions – For women, questions are essentially part of everyday life. They are more than just a means of obtaining information, they help in connecting with people. Conversely, men may feel harassed or disrespected with questions, because they may view them as constant rebukes. Because of this, disputes may arise even though the questions raised may be genuine and legitimate.

Body language – So much more communication comes from a person’s body language than what comes out of their mouths. Misinterpretation of a person’s body language during a meeting could lead to disagreements as well, because a person may see something that says “I don’t respect you” even though he or she may not mean any harm.

Because of these differences, it is helpful to have an experienced family law attorney by your side as you deal with child custody, child support or property division issues. 

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