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How can I recover from not seeing the kids at Christmas?

It can be very disappointing when plans don’t go as they should, especially when you have been looking forward to spending time with the kids during Christmas. Whether you had made plans before or your ex is violating a court order, it is understandable that you are devastated over not being able to see your children.

But with every disappointment, there is a solution. This post will provide some helpful tips to overcome parenting time issues during the holidays.

Virtual parenting time – If you can’t be there in person, being on a high-definition screen is the next best thing. Through Skype, Facebook and Google Hangouts, you can see the kids opening presents and have conversations that you normally would not have over the phone. If your court order does not allow for such parenting time, this may be a reason to have it modified.

Resiliency pays – We certainly do not mean to minimize your pain, but this an opportunity to overcome the pain inflicted by your ex. Why is this important? Because being vindictive and angry doesn’t help the situation, and you will be better served not trying to exact revenge.

Compensatory time – If you are being denied parenting time, the common remedy for missed time is additional time to make up for the time you missed.

It’s a season for a reason – Most children are out of school for two weeks during the holidays. If Christmas doesn’t work out on December 25, gift exchanges and fine dinners can occur on another day.

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