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Lessons from the 'Christmas Truce'

We want to begin this post by wishing our readers a happy holiday season. We hope that it has been a festive time of the year and that it continues to be that way. However, the reality of our business is that sometimes emotions get the best of good people and things happen. Also some relationships meet their end during the holidays.

When this occurs, it is important to put things in perspective and try not to start (or continue) a war of emotions. After all, there may be impressionable children involved who do not deserve to be dragged into such a war.

With that, we would be remiss if we didn't highlight one of the most famous truces forged in the history of war. 

In 1914, the Germans and British had been fighting for months in World War I. But during Christmas, the two sides stepped out of their trenches, took time to shake hands and exchange pleasantries and even buried their dead. Rumor even has it that they took time to play a soccer game. 

There are two lessons to be learned here. First, people are capable of putting aside their differences to celebrate the reason for the season. Second, if people with guns can take time away from trying to kill each other, divorcing parents and quarreling parents can make time to do something nice for Christmas.

You never know, a little kindness during the holidays could be the impetus for a change in your relationship going forward. 

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