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Can kids benefit from a divorce?

If you are ambivalent about getting divorced because of your fears about what it may do to children, you are not alone. There is plenty of research and information on how kids may have a difficult time when their parents break up. But keep in mind, there is a great deal of information on how resilient kids are. One of the reasons why kids end up being okay is because the parents may do better in their own spaces.

Think about it, when bickering parents go their separate ways, it is less likely that kids will be exposed to arguments, walk on eggshells out of fear of being roped into an argument, and fear being made to choose between dad’s point of view and mom’s. In fact, this post will identify a few additional benefits for kids after a divorce

Calmer homes – As we alluded to earlier, kids don’t have the pressures of avoiding arguments and being part of them. So they are likely to function better in a home where fighting and tense moments are not part of the norm.

Happier parents – Indeed, there still may be things that push a parent’s buttons, but overall the parents may be happier not being in a marriage where strife and hard feelings ruled the day.

Kids will learn about compromise – In a marriage where both parents tried to rule with an iron fist, divorced parents generally know how compromise works. By seeing parents compromise (even when they don’t like to do so) kids are likely to learn how to compromise as well.

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