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Child custody dispute leads to arrest for kidnapping

Few matters are more emotionally charged than struggles over child custody. When two parents are unable to come to an agreement on how to share the joys and responsibilities of raising a shared child, things can get ugly very quickly. Such is the case for a West Coast mother who found herself arrested and charged with kidnapping after a child custody dispute escalated. The story serves as a warning to parents in Connecticut and across the nation of the importance of taking the proper steps when seeking changes to an existing child custody order.

The estranged parents of a 12-year-old boy have approached the court multiple times to ask for changes to their child custody arrangement. Most recently, the court held a hearing in late March in which the mother claimed that the boy's father was compromising the child's health in an attempt to manipulate the visitation time between mother and son. Specifically, she asserted that the father would feed the child high levels of sugar and caffeine before dropping him off for visits, which would lead the child to be irritable, without an appetite and moody for the duration of the visit.

It is unclear whether the hearing resulted in a change in the custody order. However, the interaction between the parents was strained enough for the court to order that a monitor be present during custody exchanges. At a recent exchange, the mother engaged in a physical struggle with the monitor. She then took her son to the airport and boarded a flight to a Midwestern state, which was in violation of the child custody agreement. That led to her arrest when the flight landed, and charges of felony child abduction and assault and battery.

The mother in this case is an attorney and certainly knew the importance of abiding by a court's order. However, it appears that she allowed her emotions to gain control over her reason, which led to choices that were not in her best interest. Now, she must answer to serious criminal charges, and her actions will likely hinder her future child custody progress. This is an outcome that no Connecticut parent would like to experience, and the case serves as a warning against trying to act outside of an existing child custody order.

Source:, "Irvine attorney accused of kidnapping son involved in child custody struggle", John Schreiber, April 8, 2015

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