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Kids' messages for divorcing parents

In a prior post, we highlighted a few guidelines parents who are contemplating divorce should follow when telling their children about their impending divorce. Essentially, the children should be reassured that you are still going to be their parents, and that they are loved and still part of the family; even though the family will be somewhat different.

But kids are not the only ones who can benefit from guidelines. As a matter of fact, a recent article highlighted a number of things that parents should know from their children. We would like to explain some of them here. 

Kids are smarter than you think – It is best to treat your kids with respect and remember how you raised them to be smart, confident and compassionate. These are all traits that you need to embody as you end your marriage. Essentially, if you want kids to follow your example, you have to provide a good one.

Find a way to coexist with each other – Even though your romantic relationship is over, you shouldn’t disappear because we live with one of our parents. We need both of you, so you need to find a way to get along, even if its on a basic level, so we can benefit from having both of your in our lives.

Don’t badmouth my mom or dad – Despite what you may think about your soon-to-be ex-spouse, we love both of you, and when you disparage the other person, it hurts our feelings. So while you may have some choice words for them, don’t expose us to them. 

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