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Parents lose legal custody after mother flees with child

When a young mother found out that Child Protective Services had been called over a claim that her infant child was being subjected to neglect, she made a very rash decision and fled the area with her baby. While this is never advisable, parents in Connecticut and across the nation can understand the panic and fear that comes with any threat to one's parental rights, especially when parents feel strongly that they have done nothing wrong. In addition, news reports across the nation highlight the many cases in which state CPS workers wrongfully remove children from their homes, which can sometimes leave fit and loving parents in lengthy and expensive fights to regain legal custody.

Does divorce and child custody require grief process for kids?

Parents in Connecticut who go through divorce have a different set of priorities than couples who do not have children. Often, the primary focus of divorcing parents is to make the child custody transition as easy as possible for their kids. One recently published article likens divorce to the death of a loved one, at least in the eyes of a child, and suggests that kids move through a grieving process as they come to terms with the shift within the family.

Addressing a 401(k) during property division

The process of dividing marital wealth can be difficult, regardless of the type or volume of assets that a couple has amassed. Both spouses are aware that the outcome of the property division process will have a great deal of impact on their future financial lives, and both are eager to reach the most advantageous division of wealth. It is important for Connecticut spouses to remember that each property division decision has a set of pros and cons, and that each decision must be made with an eye toward the overall strategy.

Graduation may mark the end of child custody stress

As graduation season approaches, many Connecticut families have a child who is preparing for this momentous occasion. This can be a hectic time, as students work to attain solid grades during their last few weeks of school and juggle the pressures of determining their next step in life. For those who have gone through their parents' divorce and child custody struggles, stress surrounding graduation day itself may also come into play, especially if the two sides of the family do not get along well. Understanding these factors and working to create a positive graduation experience is one of the most heartfelt gifts that parents can give to a child.

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