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Divorce may not have negative health consequences

A great many social science efforts have been focused on examining the ways that marriage and divorce impact an individual's health. Many of these studies have suggested that spouses in Connecticut and elsewhere who marry and then divorce will suffer a range of negative health outcomes, and will fare worse than their counterparts who either remain married or remain single. A recent study, however, asserts that divorce may not have the negative ramifications suggested by previous research.

Consider Social Security during divorce negotiations

Many Connecticut residents are aware of the divorce rumors surrounding the marriage of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner. While there has been no formal announcement that the high-profile pair has split, the speculation about the end of their marriage leads to an interesting topic of discussion. The pair are nearing their 10-year anniversary, and if they divorce before that date has passed, they may be making a financial mistake that is of interest to many who earn far less than the celebrity couple.

Top property division mistake spouses should avoid

Dividing marital wealth is a daunting task, and one that can bring on a high level of stress for many Connecticut spouses. For many spouses, concerns about the financial landscape that will follow divorce keeps them in unhappy marriages for far too long. Once divorce is on the horizon, it is absolutely imperative that spouses gain a comprehensive understanding of the full range of family finances. Failure to do so can place an individual at a serious disadvantage when it comes to the property division portion of a divorce.

Transgender parents can face serious child custody woes

The law is slow to catch up to social change; this is true today and has been true throughout history. Often, society is able to adapt to changes in social structures long before Connecticut courts are prepared or equipped to address thorny issues. Matters of divorce and child custody provide an excellent example of this phenomenon, and the dangers faced by those parents who are at the forefront of social change.

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