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A few tricks to prepare yourself for the rigors of divorce

There are so many moving parts in a divorce, and not all of them exist in the legal realm. There are interpersonal and emotional matters in play when a divorce is filed, and dealing with these factors can be just as important as the legal elements of a divorce. Communicating effectively as a co-parent can be just as important as your child custody agreement. Discussing vital financial issues with your soon-to-be-ex can be just as important as writing an alimony check on time.

Taxes, mediation are very important when dealing with alimony

Alimony can be a very divisive matter in divorce. Sometimes, the splitting spouses are able to negotiate which spouse pays, how much, and how often -- but sometimes that simply isn't possible. It may be that the divorce is high net worth, and thus the two spouses can't agree on how much alimony should be paid. It may be that the emotions and anger involved in the divorce prevent the spouses from negotiating fairly and properly.

Be prepared when financial assets hit the chopping block

We have talked about the matter of asset division before, specifically how it relates to high asset divorce. Just a couple of weeks ago, we wrote about an oil baron who was going through a divorce, and some of the assets involved in that divorce proved to be a major hurdle.

Divorce law will make it a bit more difficult to complete split

Remember back in high school when you were dating that one girl or guy? Remember when you broke up? You wanted it over as quickly as possible, and though you would presumably still have to deal with that person for your remaining high school years, the fact was that your relationship was over. Nothing was drawn out -- you just cut the cord.

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