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Divorce law will make it a bit more difficult to complete split

Remember back in high school when you were dating that one girl or guy? Remember when you broke up? You wanted it over as quickly as possible, and though you would presumably still have to deal with that person for your remaining high school years, the fact was that your relationship was over. Nothing was drawn out -- you just cut the cord.

Now imagine if that break up didn't exactly go that way. Imagine if you actually couldn't break up with that person until you had a meeting with your boyfriend or girlfriend and a counselor. Wouldn't that seem like some unnecessary work that you and your significant other would have to do just to say "goodbye?"

The analogy may not be perfect, but this is essentially what Utah lawmakers are doing to divorcing couples in their state. They already had a rule in place that forced divorcing couples with children under the age of 18 to take a class during the divorce process that would help them understand the impact their decision would have on their kids.

The new rule, though, will force splitting couples in Utah to take that class earlier in the divorce process. The hope is that this new rule would decrease the divorce rate in the state, but critics believe this will do very little to discourage people from divorcing. Once a splitting couple reaches the point of taking the class, critics believe they will already be prepared to go through with the divorce.

While this isn't occurring here in Connecticut, it is important to keep track of the divorce trends going on across the country. This could become a movement that sparks lawmakers in any state to take similar action.

Source: Washington Times, "Utah Gov. signs divorce measure into law," Associated Press, April 3, 2014

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