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Areas of U.S. help parents find employment to pay child support

There are many children in Connecticut who don't get to spend time with both of their parents. Even so, this does not mean that they should not receive the financial support of both parents. Children have many needs and the costs soon add up. So when parents go their separate ways, child support laws aim to ensure that the children's well-being is still looked after.

 Unfortunately, many parents struggle to keep up with their child support obligations. Either they do not plan effectively, other debts arise, or the amount they are expected to pay is simply too high. Any number of factors can interfere with payments, but various locations in the U.S. are seeking to remedy the situation.

One of the big problems facing some parents who have fallen behind on payments is employment. Some struggle to pay because they have no job, while others lose their jobs when warrants are issued with regard to the unpaid sum. However, a program operating in eight locations across the United States is built around the idea of getting these parents back to work and claiming part of their wage for their children.

Pathways to Self Sufficiency, otherwise known as PASS, is a federal project that aims to restore stability to children's lives. It is far better for all concerned if parents are assisted, rather than simply arrested and charged, or deprived of their licenses. PASS offers training and opportunities, as well as actively being able to wipe out some of the debt of individuals who hit certain targets.

Not many areas are using this scheme yet, but it is a positive step. It is not always easy to meet child support obligations, but you owe it to your child to do your bit. An attorney can back you up if your obligations are too high, or conversely if you are not receiving that which you are owed. With the correct advice and guidance, you may be able to negotiate a fairer payment level that works in favor of both you and your child.

Source: The Modesto Bee, "Employment project targets parents who are behind on child-support payments," Ken Carlson, May 29, 2014

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