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Mother accused of violating custody agreement

For parents in Connecticut and, indeed, anywhere in the U.S., child custody disputes can be painful to go through. It can be difficult for a parent to accept that they may not be able to spend as much time with their child as they might like. Child custody decisions are supposed to be in the best interests of the child. No matter how much a parent loves their child, their wishes can still come into conflict with what a court views to be best for the child.

In a recent case in California, a mother was accused of abducting her own daughter. The 4-year-old girl had been staying at a California motel with both her parents. However, according to police, the father woke up to find that the child and the mother had left.

There was a court-ordered child custody agreement in place regarding the child which assigned sole custody of the child to the father. Thus, according to authorities, the mother’s alleged actions violated this agreement.

As the mother resides in Las Vegas, the initial suspicion was that she may have been taking the child there. The mother and child were eventually found at a movie theater in California. The mother has been arrested on suspicion of child abduction.

Cases like this are never easy to solve and are often distressing for all concerned, especially the child. The outcome of the investigation may affect this woman's visitation rights and in the worst case could potentially result in the little girl having her mother removed from her life. However, the child's well-being has to come first and the court will need to take this into consideration when it reaches its decision regarding such issues.

This may have occurred in another state, but it reminds parents in Connecticut of the importance of handling custody matters with care. If you disagree with a term of a child custody agreement, it is generally far better to take your issue through proper legal channels than to take matters into your own hands. An attorney can help you build your case and assist you in presenting your arguments as to why an agreement should be changed.

Source: CBS Los Angeles, "Mom Accused Of Abducting 4-Year-Old Daughter Taken Into Custody," June 7, 2014

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