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How random acts of kindness can help after a divorce

If you have been through, or are currently dealing with a high conflict divorce, acts of kindness are probably the furthest things from your mind at this point. However, at some point, the hatred that you feel for your soon-to-be ex-spouse will fade, and life will go on. This means that you will have to continue to live life as well. Because of this, it may be better for you to let pain heal by investing in acts of kindness. 

How prenuptial agreements are governing social media use

A great deal of marriages today are governed by a prenuptial agreement. A contract that two parties contemplating marriage  enter into that essentially details rules for dissolving the marriage in the event it goes south. Because of our relative obsession with pop culture, some prenups have “unusual” provisions, such as a particular weight a spouse must maintain, or how often and how long in-laws may stay and visit. But what many people are including in prenups now is just as unusual, but it fits the ever growing obsession with social media.

Can a child support modification help with school costs?

While we hope our readers are enjoying the summer, the reality is that summer will soon turn to fall. Before that happens, a new school year will begin, which means that kids will need new clothes, shoes and a slew of educational materials. Kids may want (or need) new computers or may want to participate in sports leagues and social clubs. It may be obvious, but all of these things need money.

How divorcees can protect themselves after divorce

Newly minted divorcees likely want to just decompress. After all, a divorce is an emotionally traumatizing event, and there is likely some a period where a person may feel depressed. They may not want to do much besides go to work and watch sad movies. Conversely, some divorcees are estatic about beginning a new chapter in their lives. They may plan a cruise, go on a cross country adventure, or quickly post a profile on Whatever your feelings may be, there are a number of things that you should not ignore that could affect you going forward. 

Uncovering stones in "gray" divorces: Finances often loom large

A recent article in the New York Times discussing divorce for older people -- the so-called “gray divorce” demographic -- makes the very salient point that a key focus in many such decouplings needs to be on finances.

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