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The job of a custody evaluator

There are a number of steps in a child custody dispute. Indeed, there is an initial hearing, there may be a recommendation for mediation, then there may be a status hearing before the court. Before a trial is convened, the court may recommend that a custody evaluation be performed where a third party essentially conducts interviews and makes observations and then furnishes a report to the court.

What will happen with Halle Berry's support modification request?

Some people who are experiencing difficulties with paying (or receiving) child support may not believe that the system is fair. Essentially they may believe that women are treated differently than men. Fathers may have an inherent expectation imposed on them that they are supposed to go out and get a job so that they can pay support, while women may be given a pass when they cannot find work because of how much time they must spend with the child because of numerous financial barriers (most notably, child care costs) that prevent them from working.

Why child support may be less expensive than child raising costs

Although it is only the middle of September, anyone who has been in a mall or a grocery store can tell that Halloween in closer than you may think. It is a reminder that kids will want costumes, be invited to parties and all the things that come with fall festivals. Moreover, there will likely be school plays that kids will need costumes for, and before you know it, the holiday season will be upon us.

How to save money when doing back-to-school shopping

Earlier this summer we provided a post on the options that divorced and separated parents could have for dealing with the crush of school costs that come with the beginning of a new school year. Indeed, a support modification may not be something that will help right away, but there are other non-judicial efforts that can help.

Can a child support modification help with school costs?

While we hope our readers are enjoying the summer, the reality is that summer will soon turn to fall. Before that happens, a new school year will begin, which means that kids will need new clothes, shoes and a slew of educational materials. Kids may want (or need) new computers or may want to participate in sports leagues and social clubs. It may be obvious, but all of these things need money.

Areas of U.S. help parents find employment to pay child support

There are many children in Connecticut who don't get to spend time with both of their parents. Even so, this does not mean that they should not receive the financial support of both parents. Children have many needs and the costs soon add up. So when parents go their separate ways, child support laws aim to ensure that the children's well-being is still looked after.

New app provides financial management tool

Connecticut parents who have gone through divorce or separation know the emotional toll that this can take on themselves and their children. A new child support app hopes to help homes run more like a business and take the sting out of the system. The subscription-based service provides an app for parents who may need an easier way to deal with the record-keeping and math involved in tracking child support payments. However, its ultimate goal is to become a toll for family financial management.

Father jailed after child support misunderstanding

Divorced parents in Connecticut may be interested in the case of a Texas father who began a six-month jail sentence due to a reported clerical error. This strange child support issues began when the father realized that his automatic withdrawal payments for child support had been interrupted. He quickly paid off the balance and included an additional $1,000.

Baseball player sued for child support

Baseball fans as well as Connecticut residents who are currently involved with divorce issues may be interested to learn about a family law case currently in the news. Robinson Cano of the New York Yankees is in the process of being sued for child support.

Rapper's child support dispute shows importance of paternity test

As many Connecticut parents who have primary custody of their children know, child support is a much-needed addition to each month's paycheck. For many families, child support helps pay for necessities like education, clothes and even food. Going without it would be nearly impossible for some. Child support, however, should always be determined in a fair manner. As the ongoing child support case of rapper Flo Rida shows, paternity should be clear before determining child support

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