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The role of wearable devices within divorce

Technology has truly changed the way that we live, and the pace of new technological advancements is nothing short of astounding. For many of us, the manner in which many of our wearable devices, such as smartphones and fitness bands, operate is not fully understood; we simply appreciate the value that these tools bring to our everyday lives. When it comes to matters of divorce, however, wearable devices can make a world of difference in the eventual outcome for Connecticut spouses who understand how to use tech tools to their own advantage.

Top property division mistake spouses should avoid

Dividing marital wealth is a daunting task, and one that can bring on a high level of stress for many Connecticut spouses. For many spouses, concerns about the financial landscape that will follow divorce keeps them in unhappy marriages for far too long. Once divorce is on the horizon, it is absolutely imperative that spouses gain a comprehensive understanding of the full range of family finances. Failure to do so can place an individual at a serious disadvantage when it comes to the property division portion of a divorce.

Safeguarding a business during an owner's divorce

Many Connecticut residents have put their hearts and souls into building a successful business. Some have also worked hard to build a personal life that is equally successful, but have not been as lucky in love as they were in the business world. When divorce is on the horizon, many business owners wish that they had taken more aggressive action to safeguard their business from division during divorce.

Planning for divorce Part II - The Financials

Welcome to the second installment in our “Planning for Divorce” series.  In our experience, we have found that our clients fare better when they take the time to plan for their divorce by taking additional steps to solidify their life after divorce instead of just quickly meeting with a lawyer and filing a petition as quickly as possible. Yes, the end of a relationship  is an emotional experience, but your decisions in a divorce should not be based solely on emotion.

Planning for divorce, Part I - When not to file

Planning for divorce is an important, yet seemingly underutilized aspect of the process. It almost appears as if people get upset, feel as if they cannot take any more of their spouse, and decide to meet with a lawyer to get out of the marriage as soon as possible. We understand that you can feel trapped, depressed or angry about being in a bad marriage, but you don’t have to go through emotional and financial trials getting out of it.

Two things to do after your divorce is finalized

One of the good things about March is the beginning of daylight savings time; essentially the days officially get longer and there is more time after work to do things outdoors. If only the weather would cooperate. The other good thing about March is that spring is getting closer, which traditionally means that love is in the air, and the promise of new relationships begins.

Steps divorcees can take to make 2015 fabulous

January is known for the month where some may say that they can’t take it anymore and make the decision to get divorced. This is why January is known for having the most divorce filings than any other month of the year. So with a month dedicated to resolutions that will help shape the year ahead, it is prudent for people who have recently had divorces finalized to make promises to themselves to make the next year positive.

Why some wait till January to divorce

It is no secret that January tends to be a month where a higher number of divorces are initiated. In fact, some believe that the first month of the year is where the most divorces are started. Because of this, if you are contemplating a divorce, you are certainly not alone. But the question remains, why is January such a popular month for divorces?

How will student loans be paid after divorce?

Child custody and parenting time are two of the most contentious divorce issues that divorcees may have to deal with. However, dealing with the division of marital debt may be just as complicated and contentious, especially when student loan debt is involved. For instance, if the person initiating divorce recently benefited from having student loans taken out for them by the other spouse, this could raise some significant issues.

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