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Can a child support modification help with school costs?

While we hope our readers are enjoying the summer, the reality is that summer will soon turn to fall. Before that happens, a new school year will begin, which means that kids will need new clothes, shoes and a slew of educational materials. Kids may want (or need) new computers or may want to participate in sports leagues and social clubs. It may be obvious, but all of these things need money.

Areas of U.S. help parents find employment to pay child support

There are many children in Connecticut who don't get to spend time with both of their parents. Even so, this does not mean that they should not receive the financial support of both parents. Children have many needs and the costs soon add up. So when parents go their separate ways, child support laws aim to ensure that the children's well-being is still looked after.

Collaborative divorce leads to healthy co-parenting

In most cases, a dad in a contested divorce dispute is told by family law mediators that he will lose a majority of child custody rights and property division rights to mom, and he will also be expected to pay a hefty child support each month. This can lead to a feeling of hopelessness for divorcing fathers, but fortunately there is a remedy on the rise. Collaborative divorce and co-parenting are both holistic approaches to uncontested divorce that are gaining recognition in the mediation system as an alternative the gender-based process.

Bristol Palin's ex seeking joint custody of son

Fairfield County residents who have custody agreements in place with their former partners may be interested to learn about Sarah Palin's daughter's recent custody dispute involving her son. According to sources, Bristol Palin was originally given primary physical custody and joint legal custody of her now 4-year-old son. Now, three years later, the boy's father says that he would like his son in 'his mother's and father's lives equally."

Divorce through negotiation rather than litigation

Many Connecticut residents who are considering divorce dread the idea of a lengthy court battle, but in some cases they can avoid the time, expense and emotion of litigation and instead pursue a negotiated settlement. The advantages of a negotiated divorce, in addition to staying out of the court room, include the process taking less time and having more control over the outcome of the divorce.

Charges of kidnapping arise in worldwide child custody battle

Connecticut is the latest stop in a child custody battle that began overseas in Singapore this May. A warrant has been issued in Greenwich stemming from allegations that the husband has abducted the couple's youngest child.

Divorce mediation after a divorce?

Many Connecticut residents strive to have as amicable of a divorce as possible, but due to the important issues that can come up, this isn't always possible. People ending their marriage will have to deal head-on with sensitive issues involving how assets are divided, if spousal or child support is necessary, and how to raise children. One way that people can help keep peace during a divorce is to take advantage of divorce mediation.

Single mother keeps bad father away from her child

A single mother spoke out about how an absent father can affect a child's life, even when they have very little interaction with their children. Her child's father was arrested in connection with the Aaron Hernandez murder case. He was charged with illegal possession of a firearm in June of 2013, but, according to his daughter's mother, he had not been significantly involved with his daughter for at least five years before his arrest.

Rapper's child support dispute shows importance of paternity test

As many Connecticut parents who have primary custody of their children know, child support is a much-needed addition to each month's paycheck. For many families, child support helps pay for necessities like education, clothes and even food. Going without it would be nearly impossible for some. Child support, however, should always be determined in a fair manner. As the ongoing child support case of rapper Flo Rida shows, paternity should be clear before determining child support

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