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Child custody decisions in Connecticut

When Connecticut courts are asked to make a custody decision in the event divorcing parents are not able to come to an agreement on their own, they will make their determinations through the lens of what is in the child's best interests. While the court will take into account the wishes of each parent regarding custody, the law provides that the ultimate controlling factor is always what will be best for the child.

Types of child custody in Connecticut

One of the most significant effects when parents go through a divorce can be the change in family dynamics for a child, and child custody decisions by the court are approached from the standard of the best interest of the child. This means that decisions will be based on the facts of a case in order to promote the child's welfare as the most important concern. Parental rights and wishes are considered, but these are weighed in light of a child's needs.

Applying for child support in Connecticut

The Connecticut Department of Social Services has a Child Support Enforcement Program that is designed to assist parents in obtaining child support. The program works not only to collect child support, but also to establish paternity and child child support orders in the first place or modify existing orders. A parent may also seek the state's assistance in locating the non-custodial parent.

Determining home state in interstate custody cases

In Connecticut, some couples may be facing the challenge of interstate custody arrangements. Knowing how these cases are handled can help parents prepare themselves for court. In many of these cases, jurisdiction plays a large role in how child custody decisions are made, and a number of factors determines jurisdiction.

The process and advantages of divorce mediation

Connecticut couples who are going through a divorce may find that working out the terms of the divorce can create arguments that not only financially drain both individuals but also create emotional strain. In some cases, couples who are having trouble with property division, child custody or alimony may be able to work out agreements through mediation.

Justina Pelletier returned to family

Connecticut residents who have followed the 16-month saga of Justina Pelletier may be relieved to know that the teenager has finally be returned to the custody of her parents. The ordeal began when the girl was diagnosed with a mitochondrial disease by physicians at Tufts Medical Center. When she transferred to Boston Children's Hospital, physicians there disagreed with the diagnosis, believing it to be a psychiatric condition instead. The girl's family asked to have her returned to the care of doctors at Tufts.

The importance of preparation in child custody mediation

Connecticut parents facing divorce may also be considering mediation to work out child custody and visitation issues. One thing those parents may not think about is how to best prepare themselves for the mediation itself. Parents may wish to consider whether they can agree on any points prior to the start of formal mediation. If this is possible, it may make the entire process of mediation go more smoothly.

Children traveling abroad with former spouses

For Connecticut parents, it can be unnerving to entrust a child to the care of a former spouse, especially if a split was recent or not particularly amicable. Entrusting a child to the other parent's care on a trip abroad may seem unthinkable. However, it isn't always up to the non-traveling parent to decide if a child is allowed to travel. Usually, a child under 16 is required to have both parents present for a passport application. If parents are divorced, one parent may be present if he or she has obtained a court order permitting the trip. If he or she has full custody, it's permissible to have just one parent present as well.

New app provides financial management tool

Connecticut parents who have gone through divorce or separation know the emotional toll that this can take on themselves and their children. A new child support app hopes to help homes run more like a business and take the sting out of the system. The subscription-based service provides an app for parents who may need an easier way to deal with the record-keeping and math involved in tracking child support payments. However, its ultimate goal is to become a toll for family financial management.

Hospital trumps parental rights in diagnosis disagreement

Connecticut parents may be interested in a recent case in Boston where child custody has been taken due to a disagreement in diagnosis. A couple whose children have been treated for a rare genetic disorder called mitochondrial disease took their 15 year-old daughter to Boston Children's Hospital for consultation with a gastroenterologist. Doctors at Children's disagreed with the diagnosis after she was admitted there, claiming she has a mental illness called somatoform disorder.

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