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Does January start the season of divorce?

The first three calendar months of each year are the most popular times for new divorce filings to be initiated across the country.

Most couples in Connecticut who are struggling with their marriages understand the challenges associated with deciding whether or not they should remain married. Even an unhappy marriage can have its positive qualities and this can make it difficult to know ifcalling it quits is really the best thing to do.

It appears that many people mull this over a lot as one year ends and another begins and those that choose to get divorced do so in the first three months of a new calendar year.

Post-New Year’s divorce filings increase each year

According to the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, the United States sees an average of 33 percent more filings for new divorces every year between January and March compared to the rest of the year.

What may contribute to this trend? MarketWatch explains that it is natural for people to be hesitant to announce a breakup during the holiday time. This can be difficult not just for themselves but for extended family as well. Holding a marriage together may make Thanksgiving dinner a bit easier for some family gatherings and prevent the barrage of questions about a newly announced divorce.

Concern for children may contribute to divorces after the holidays

People who have children, especially young children, may choose to hold off on a divorce announcement or decision until after the holidays for the sake of their kids. They may want to let their kids experience one more Christmas or Hanukkah with both of their parents together.

Financial pressures part of many divorces

The Times Free Press also notes that financial stresses or incompatibility are common reasons cited in many divorces. The holidays can add to the financial stress that couples feel, especially if spouses are not in agreement on how much money to spend on gifts or whom they should purchase gifts for.

When the holiday season finally comes to an end and it is time for couples to really evaluate how much money was spent and where, disagreements about money may flair up. Combined with the general pressures that the holidays may bring, these arguments may well be factors in many divorces that are initiated in January, February or March.

Input from an attorney is important

A divorce will impact Connecticut residents emotionally but also legally and financially and will even play a role in how taxes are filed. For this reason, it is important that anyone considering a divorce regardless of the month get input from an attorney before proceeding.