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Navigating Through Family Changes

Steady Guidance In A Turbulent Time

A divorce can represent one of the most challenging periods in a person’s life. Minimizing the impact of divorce on your finances, your future and your child’s emotional welfare is the goal that must be achieved. In today’s economy, many couples want to be divorced but don’t think or know if they can afford it.

The legal assistance and solid support of an experienced divorce lawyer can cushion the blow of divorce and its many collateral issues. In our over 20 years of service to family law clients, our firm, The Law Offices of James A. Cuddy, LLC, has sought to bring comfort and closure to clients’ stressful domestic issues, giving them the strength to move on with the next phase of their lives.

Your first consultation could be your first step toward resolving long-standing issues and anticipating other complex family law matters. Call 866-785-4409 toll free today for your, no-obligation consultation!

What’s Your Issue? We Can Get You Through It.

Family law issues are as diverse as the clients we serve. Our firm can manage a range of potentially interlocking concerns, helping you find home and peace of mind on the other side of your ordeal.

  • Divorce: In the chaos of a separation, the future can seem dark. We work with you to help build a foundation of hope for your future.
  • Child custody and visitation: Child custody is often the most emotional aspect of divorce. We can help you see beyond the stress and create a sustainable structure that protects the best interests of your child.
  • Child support: Children deserve financial support from both parents. We can establish a plan to help ensure your child’s needs are met.
  • Alternative dispute resolution: Some divorces are better handled through mediation or collaborative law, which can reduce stress and cost, and give spouses more control over the details of their settlement.
  • Alimony: Divorce shouldn’t leave one spouse destitute while the other rides into the sunset. Alimony can help make sure both spouses have the resources they need to maintain stability after the divorce.
  • Property division: Resources that were pooled during the marriage need to be divided during the divorce. We’ll help you protect what’s yours.
  • Post-divorce modifications: Something about your divorce not working for you later? You may be able to make changes. Let’s talk about what’s possible.
  • Protective/restraining orders: If your divorce involves domestic violence, we can help you establish the protection you need to feel safe.
  • Paternity: Who’s the father? There are legal and practical reasons why it’s important to know. We can confirm legal paternity to establish the rights and responsibilities of the father.
  • Parental relocation: When one parent wants to move away, with or without the children, this must be cleared with the courts.
  • Prenuptial, postnuptial and legal separation agreements: Need to establish parameters on your way in or out of a marriage? We can help.

Contact Us Today To Discuss Your Situation

Our firm offers initial consultations and visits to your home or office if you cannot come to us. Contact our law office today and get the compassionate help and dedicated support you and your family need. You can reach us via email, or call at 203-583-8256 local or 866-785-4409 toll free.