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Protecting Your Interests Through Strong Agreements

Not too long ago, the idea of a prenup or a postnup would seem unromantic, or only necessary for the very wealthy. Today, however, many couples are realizing how useful these precautions can be even for the strongest marriages.

At The Law Offices of James A. Cuddy, LLC, we work diligently for the full protection of our clients’ interests. We help Connecticut couples both before and after marriage establish financial security through prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, as well as agreements for couples headed for a legal separation.

The Right Course For You

Certain agreements can establish certain expectations and boundaries for Connecticut couples in the event of a divorce or separation. These contracts can eliminate the need for costly and stressful disputes over financial matters in certain circumstances. Depending on your goals and needs, our lawyer can help you with the following types of agreements:

  • Prenuptial agreement: This premarital agreement can outline how property division will work in case of a divorce and establish the financial obligations of both spouses during the marriage.
  • Postnuptial agreement: Drafted after marriage, this agreement protects the financial interests and property rights of both parties in case of a divorce in the future.
  • Legal separation agreement: This agreement benefits couples that wish to live separately long-term rather than move forward with divorce. It can address custody, financial support and even property division while the couple lives apart.

Our goal is to draft agreements for our clients that address their unique concerns and will stand up to any scrutiny in case of a dispute. Our experienced family law attorney can draft an agreement for you that will create boundaries, lower the chance of conflict and set you up for future success.

Your Current Needs And Your Future Interests

Through strong and legally enforceable agreements, we help you address your specific financial concerns and give you peace of mind for the future. Our attorney, James Cuddy, has over two decades of legal experience, and he will employ all the resources at his disposal for your benefit. You can count on our dedication to client results and straightforward guidance for any type of family law concern.

What do you need to protect your interests? We can evaluate your case and draft an agreement that works best for you. Contact our Shelton office here or call 203-583-8256 local or 866-785-4409 toll-free to schedule your free initial consultation.