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Making Changes After The Fact

Life Involves Unexpected Changes

Has a significant change of circumstance related to your job or health caused you to consider requesting a modification of your divorce settlement agreement? Your alimony, child support or child custody modification is in good hands at The Law Offices of James A. Cuddy, LLC, in Shelton, Connecticut.

A Track Record Of Success

For over 20 years, lawyer James Cuddy has provided clients with effective post-divorce legal strategies when a job loss or a serious illness drains a personal budget, or a parent is not living up to his or her obligations under your divorce agreement. His expertise and efficiency are recognized in the many jurisdictions he serves. He is highly familiar with all aspects of family law that are modifiable. He can easily adjust his legal services to suit your unique situation.

Why People Seek Modifications

Modifications to the alimony, child support or child custody and visitation features of your Connecticut divorce decree may be necessary as a result of:

  • Lost job
  • Job promotion
  • Job relocation
  • Change in work schedule
  • Military transfer
  • Serious illness requiring specialized health care in another state
  • Parental relocation
  • Cohabitation or remarriage

James Cuddy‘s versatility allows him to mediate discussions about the modification you are requesting, negotiate a positive outcome or litigate aggressively to protect your rights.

Call Today To Make Changes

Are you seeking an increase in child support payments? Are you balancing two jobs and struggling to meet child custody obligations? Contact attorney James Cuddy for a free consultation at our Shelton law firm, or your home or office. Call 203-583-8256 local or 866-785-4409 toll-free. We respond promptly to your email or after-hours message.