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A Civilized Approach

There May Be A Better Way

Divorce can be painful, expensive and emotionally draining. But for many couples, it doesn’t have to be that way. For couples who wish to part amicably, there are collaborative law options available to negotiate an agreeable divorce decree out of court. Not only can these solutions be less expensive than a traditional divorce case, they are often more successful in the long term, as both spouses have equal input into the final agreement.

At The Law Offices of James A. Cuddy, LLC, our team is committed to providing you the legal solutions and resources you need to amicably end your marriage and move on to the next chapter of your life. We help diffuse emotions and stress, keeping the process focused on a productive and efficient outcome.

The Collaborative Process — What To Expect

Both couples will have separate attorneys. The attorneys will sign a “no court” agreement that states that they will not litigate the case in court but will work with the spouses to negotiate an agreeable compromise outside of court.

Each spouse will sit down with his or her attorney separately to discuss exactly what they are seeking from the divorce and any non-negotiables they may have. The four parties will then meet to have a facilitated and productive conversation regarding the various terms of the divorce agreement. The parties and attorneys will work together to craft an agreement that will be presented to a judge for the court’s approval of the agreement.

Bringing In Outside Assistance

In some situations, other experts will be part of the collaborative process, attend the negotiations and meet with the clients themselves to discuss parenting and financial issues. The experts most commonly used in collaborative cases are a mental health professional and a financial professional, such as a certified public accountant, who can provide valuable insight into the finances of the parties, and also provide insight into how to protect the best interests of any children involved and how to resolve conflict between the parties in a meaningful manner.

If The Process Doesn’t Work

If the couple and their attorneys cannot reach an agreement, the attorneys will have to withdraw from their respective clients, the spouses will have to find new lawyers to litigate the case, and the case will then be handled in the family law court.

Call Today To Weigh Your Options

You don’t need to endure a long, drawn-out legal battle to part ways with your spouse. We can assist you in seeking a collaborative divorce for an efficient and cost-effective outcome. Call our law offices in Shelton, Connecticut, today at 866-785-4409 toll-free or 203-583-8256 local.