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When Is It Necessary To Establish Paternity?

Establishing paternity has legal significance for fathers, mothers and children. Lawyer James Cuddy of The Law Offices of James A. Cuddy, LLC, helps Connecticut parents understand the implications of paternity and its importance for establishing fathers’ rights and financial support for the mother. If you have concerns related to paternity, custody and your rights as a parent, we can help.

Paternity is most often an issue for families in which the parents were not married at the time the children were born, or in which the parents have never married. We help both fathers and mothers take the necessary steps to establish their rights or secure the financial support they need for the care of their children. Our experienced family law attorney and team are dedicated to helping you reach a reasonable and sustainable solution to your concerns.

The Benefits Of Paternity

For many couples, there is an assumption of paternity. For example, married couples who have children likely will not have an issue regarding the identity of the biological father. For unmarried couples and those in situations in which paternity is a factor, there can be significant benefits to establishing paternity, such as:

  • Giving the father the right to seek access to his children through a visitation or custody order or dispute a relocation
  • Allowing the mother to seek financial support from the father for the care of the children
  • Giving the children certain benefits, such as inheritance rights or workers’ compensation death benefits in the event the father passes away

Upon establishing paternity, a father will have certain rights. As a father, this step would give you the ability to seek visitation or perhaps custody. It can preserve your relationship with your children while clearly establishing your financial responsibilities. Mothers and children alike may benefit from establishing paternity, as it provides a measure of security and assistance with costs such as expenses for the kids’ medical care, child care needs and more.

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