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How a prenup can make your high-asset divorce easier

Divorce is not something Shelton couples approach lightly. Many couples spend months or more considering if it is the right option for them. Because of this, most couples who decide to divorce do not regret it. But even if divorce is the right thing for you, you still need to go through the process of dividing assets before you can truly be divorced.

When a couple has acquired substantial assets, a divorce can get tricky. While some couples can quickly come to an agreement, others may feel strongly about holding onto certain assets that their spouse might also want. In situations like this, a prenuptial agreement can come in handy.

To take advantage of a prenup, however, requires of course having a conversation before you even get married. While some are hesitant to approach this topic, it may be worthwhile if you are bringing certain assets to a marriage or expect to obtain assets during the marriage. Often, individuals who are expecting to receive an inheritance, own a business or simply have a lot of money choose to draft a prenup. 

Although prenups used to have a stigma attached to them as if you were planning to divorce even before you were married, attorneys across the country have noticed a rising number of couples seeking prenuptial agreements. Today, prenups are more often seen as a smart move rather than something to be offended by. Wanting to ensure that both of you are protected in the event of a divorce is nothing to be ashamed about. 

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