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August 2019 Archives

When a spouse hides assets during a divorce

The financial aspects of a divorce can linger on for many Connecticut couples long after the practical issues have been settled and the romantic relationship is over. However, when there is a wealth disparity within the marriage, one party may be tempted to "protect" some assets from the other spouse outside of the framework of the law. Equitable distribution means that not every asset will be divided directly in half. Nevertheless, some spouses, whether motivated by greed or a desire for revenge, continue to hide assets in order to prevent them from being included in the divorce settlement.

These tips could help get the best divorce settlement possible

Like most other Connecticut spouses, you got used to a certain standard of living during your marriage. Now that it is ending, you fear that you will struggle financially. While it is true that some financial changes are inevitable, you can work to get the best possible settlement.

Health implications of a gray divorce

For individuals in Connecticut and elsewhere who are going through a gray divorce, the psychological and physical health impacts can be major, especially if they had previous health problems. However, these health impacts should be considered since divorce rates for those who are 50 years of age or older have nearly doubled since 1990.

Issues that often spark marital problems and divorce

Like most Connecticut married couples, you and your spouse have likely encountered challenges in your relationship at some point. Even newlyweds sometimes find they're not getting along as well as they'd hoped. In fact, some couples argue on their honeymoons. It's part of marriage to have ups and downs in a relationship. However, certain issues or problems may prove more difficult to resolve than others.

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