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The financial impact of divorce on children’s education funds

On Behalf of | Apr 16, 2024 | Divorce

Divorce affects not only the emotions of a family but also their finances, especially the money set aside for children’s education.

Divorce can change the way parents can save for their child’s schooling.

Saving challenges during divorce

When parents split, they often face financial stress as they begin to support two households instead of one. This can reduce the amount of money that goes into a child’s education fund. If one parent was the main earner, this change could slow down or even stop the money saved for college.

Setting clear rules in divorce agreements

During a divorce, parents should decide how they will handle their child’s education costs. They can outline who pays what in their divorce agreement to avoid confusion later. Parents might decide to continue adding to a savings account or set up a Connecticut Higher Education Trust fund.

How financial disputes affect education plans

Arguments over money during a divorce can delay decisions and might interfere with paying school fees on time. Parents should try to put their child’s needs first during these discussions to keep their education on track.

Getting help from professionals

Parents should talk to lawyers and financial advisors early in the divorce. These professionals can help them plan how to divide assets fairly and how to continue supporting the child’s education. This might include advice on savings and investments.

Keep planning for the future

After the divorce, both parents should keep saving for their child’s education in their own budgets. Staying in touch about how the education fund is growing and how school expenses are changing is key. This helps ensure that both parents remain involved and committed.

Although divorce can make it harder to save for education, careful planning and good communication can help parents overcome these challenges. It is important to ensure that the children’s education remains a priority.