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Lessons from the 'Christmas Truce'

We want to begin this post by wishing our readers a happy holiday season. We hope that it has been a festive time of the year and that it continues to be that way. However, the reality of our business is that sometimes emotions get the best of good people and things happen. Also some relationships meet their end during the holidays.

How can I recover from not seeing the kids at Christmas?

It can be very disappointing when plans don’t go as they should, especially when you have been looking forward to spending time with the kids during Christmas. Whether you had made plans before or your ex is violating a court order, it is understandable that you are devastated over not being able to see your children.

What happens if the other parent wants to move with the child?

Who wants to move during the holidays? It is something that most people don't do because of all the family gatherings, school events and financial pressures that come during this time of year. However, there are some people who do it, whether it is for a new job, to get closer to family or to escape a toxic relationship.

Can communication differences lead to disputes?

Ask any successful business person; the key to their success is likely going to be the ability to create and maintain relationships. Similarly, the key to creating and maintaining relationships is likely going to be the ability to communicate. We highlight these keys because they are helpful in having a successful divorce (and post-divorce life).

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