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Property division during a divorce

Those in Connecticut who are contemplating a divorce may have an interest in learning more about the process. Though many people are aware that divorce can indeed be an emotional affair for all involved, some may fail to also consider the financial implications that a divorce can have. As such, they may inadvertently invite a degree of complication into the divorce process than would otherwise be necessary.

For example, one of the primary areas of contention in a divorce tends to involve the distribution of accumulated property. In many cases, it can be difficult to accurately ascertain which asset belongs to which party, particularly in cases where the marriage lasted for many years. Parties to a marriage often jointly accumulate assets over the course of their union, for which reason assets such as real estate, pensions and retirement income may be subject to redistribution upon their divorce.

Moreover, some parties to a marriage may seek to hide the true extent or value of their assets through various means. This can not only be illegal, it can deny you the compensation you are entitled to after the dissolution of your marriage. Though discovering such deception can be a challenge, it may be possible to investigate hidden asset cases and take legal action to ensure their complete disclosure.

By discussing your individual circumstances with one of our experienced attorneys, it may be possible to alleviate some of your concerns and begin addressing the financial aspects of your divorce before they become problematic. In this way, you may better be able to achieve a beneficial result and secure a certain level of financial freedom that can come when the divorce has been finalized. If you would like more information about this subject, please visit our page on property division.

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