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Prenuptial agreement tips from ‘Fox and Friends’

People in Connecticut might be interested to hear some prenuptial agreement tips from a ‘Fox and Friends” segment. According to the segment, nearly half of all marriages end in divorce. Furthermore, the majority of them did not sign prenuptial agreements prior to entering into their marriages.

According to the legal news analyst for ‘Fox and Friends,” the majority of people who do get prenuptial agreements are entering into their second marriages or are getting married at later ages in life. Additionally, people who will have a high asset divorce if they do end up getting a divorce tend to get prenuptial agreements moreso than other people.

Prenuptial agreements set the terms for a marriage and can make the process of getting a divorce easier if the couple ever does decide to split up. Prenups can specify everything from how assets and liabilities will be divided in a divorce to how much weight each person in the marriage can gain. They also make specifications for issues that are usually controversial in divorce proceedings such as child custody, child support and alimony.

Some people believe that prenuptial agreements clarify the arrangement in terms of each person’s expectations, making the marriage more successful. However, other people view the drafting of prenuptial agreements as signs of mistrust. The legal analyst for ‘Fox and Friends” stated that the most important element of a prenuptial agreement is for both parties to fully disclose their assets and liabilities. He also stated that both parties should have their own separate attorneys when drawing up their prenuptial agreements. Divorce lawyers might be able to help people draft prenuptial agreements that both parties agree to so that they both fully understand the expectations of their marriage.

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