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Single mother keeps bad father away from her child

A single mother spoke out about how an absent father can affect a child’s life, even when they have very little interaction with their children. Her child’s father was arrested in connection with the Aaron Hernandez murder case. He was charged with illegal possession of a firearm in June of 2013, but, according to his daughter’s mother, he had not been significantly involved with his daughter for at least five years before his arrest.

The mother gained full custody of her child several years ago and has been successful in keeping the biological father out of her daughter’s life. Despite the father’s failure to pay child support ever, the child’s mother was happy to raise her daughter without his involvement. Most recently, she denied him a visit with the child approximately a month before his arrest. According to the mother, he was a bad example for her child.

While she is still too young for a detailed explanation of why her biological father is not in her life, the mother plans to tell her little girl exactly why she made the choice to keep him away when she gets older. She reports that she has been protecting her child and is embarrassed to admit that she was ever involved with her biological father.

Single parents who want to raise their child without the interference of the other parent often turn to an attorney who has experience in family law cases. A lawyer may help the mother understand the law as it pertains to her situation and, when appropriate, file legal documents with the court. In many cases, the parents are able to reach an agreement with the help of their lawyers. When parents cannot agree, a judge makes the decisions on child custody and parenting time.

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