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3 ways to improve communication after divorce

Chances are, most Connecticut residents who have recently gone through a divorce hold some ill will or negative feelings toward their ex. However, divorced couples who have children together should still try to have open lines of communication for the good of their children. While this can be difficult, there are ways to make a bad situation into a better one, according to the Huffington Post. The following tips may help a divorced couple with shared child custody communicate more effectively.

The first option is to make the decision to change the situation. If the couple makes the decision to put their bad feelings to the side and be pleasant with each other, they can strategically reach decisions about raising their children. Simply acting as one would with strangers, polite and pleasant, can go a long way.

However, many couples may have too many hard feelings to just push them aside. This can mean any contact results in a fight or other unpleasantness. In these cases, simply cutting off all direct or verbal communication can improve the situation. Communicating important information can be achieved through text or by a third party, such as an attorney. Allowing emotions to cool for a time can help improve the situation over the long term.

Finally, the couple can just accept the situation and try to avoid bad behavior that causes stress for themselves and the children. If an ex refuses to change his or her behavior to have good communication, simply avoiding the bickering and snide remarks that may control the current communication can improve the situation for everyone.

Divorces involving children often work out best when both spouses get a fair settlement. This allows each spouse to financially support themselves and their kids. An attorney may be able to help each spouse determine what kind of settlement would work best for themselves and their children in the future .

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