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Former CEO of Dodgers loses motion to overturn divorce deal

Dodgers fans in Connecticut might be interested to hear that the former CEO of the baseball team filed a motion to have the divorce deal that she made with her ex-husband, the former owner of the team, overturned. The motion was reportedly an attempt for her to make her ex-husband share some of the profit that he received from selling the team without her. The team sold for about $2 billion, which is more than any other baseball team has ever sold for.

According to the woman, her ex-husband misled her about the true value of the team. She stated that he had full knowledge and access to information about how much the team would potentially be worth if it was sold and that he misrepresented that figure to her. Therefore, she settled for $131 million in their divorce agreement.

However, a judge decreed in his 57-page ruling that the divorce deal she entered into with her ex-husband was not invalid as she alleged. He further stated that the woman did not present enough evidence to back up her allegations that she had been misled about the true valuation of the Dodgers baseball team. On the contrary, the judge stated in his ruling that as the former CEO of the Dodgers, the woman had been given access to the team’s financial documents and everything else needed to determine the value of the team. The woman’s attorney stated that the judge’s denial was not unexpected and that they were going to appeal his decision.

People who feel that their divorce settlements are not fair might be able to get their cases before the court again to have them reconsidered. Divorce attorneys could assist people with filing motions and presenting evidence that validates their claims to the court.

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