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Bristol Palin’s ex seeking joint custody of son

Fairfield County residents who have custody agreements in place with their former partners may be interested to learn about Sarah Palin’s daughter’s recent custody dispute involving her son. According to sources, Bristol Palin was originally given primary physical custody and joint legal custody of her now 4-year-old son. Now, three years later, the boy’s father says that he would like his son in ‘his mother’s and father’s lives equally.”

The 2010 agreement had the father paying child support to Palin, and he had visitation rights as well. Palin’s attorney has said that, as of Oct. 15, the father owed approximately $66,000 in back child support, according to the Child Support Services Division. It is unclear how this large amount of alleged support owed could affect the man’s custody request and how much his monthly payments are.

It was not reported how Palin, who has appeared on several reality television shows, feels about the request and if she will agree to joint physical custody of her son. Her attorney will probably discuss all options with her, especially the fact that the child support payments she receives would most likely be reduced if a judge grants the father’s petition for joint custody.

Connecticut residents may be facing child custody disputes of their own and have many questions. Making sure that custody arrangements are agreeable for all parties involved may be difficult, and an experienced family lawyer may help alleviate some of the worry involved in settling custody, visitation and child support arrangements. In the end, most courts will rule in favor of whatever is in the best interest of the child or children.

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