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Ex-owner of the Dodgers sues ex-wife for legal fees

Baseball fans from Connecticut may be interested to learn that Frank McCourt, the former owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers, recently filed a lawsuit against his ex-wife. According to the report, McCourt is seeking approximately $2 million in legal fees after she contested the terms of their divorce settlement, erroneously. A hearing was set for March 12.

McCourt’s ex-wife countered their 2010 divorce settlement after Frank McCourt sold the baseball team for more than $2 billion in 2012. She claimed that the former owner had misrepresented the actual value of the team during their divorce proceedings and that he owed her $770 million from the sale. However, her claim was denied, and the court refused to overturn the terms of the divorce settlement.

Attorneys for McCourt are now filing a lawsuit seeking legal fees that were accumulated over this particular divorce settlement dispute. His attorneys claimed that they spent approximately seven months fighting the motion only to have the judge deny overturning the settlement. Therefore, they argued that the ex-wife should be responsible for the legal fees. McCourt argued that, since his ex-wife was awarded $131 million in both financial assets and in luxury properties, a potential reimbursement would not cause her any financial troubles.

In high asset divorces, the division of financial and physical property can cause disputes between the two parties. When the stakes are high, a divorce attorney may be able to assist in the negotiations between parties in order to come up with an appropriate divorce settlement. Additionally, the attorney may also be able to defend their client against any claim that may be filed by an ex-spouse that accuses them of hiding or undervaluing assets.

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