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Divorce mediation could save time and money

Couples from Connecticut who are going through a divorce might not be familiar about the goals of divorce mediation. This can be either voluntary or mandated by the court. Typically, the goal of the process is to create a divorce agreement that is acceptable by both parties, avoid unnecessary expense and emotional distress that typically accompanies litigation and lessen the chances of there being any hostility between the former couple.

In order to receive a divorce, a lawsuit must be filed. However, if they are able to work out the terms of the divorce together they can avoid the normal litigation process. For this reason, instigating divorce mediation has become the preferred method of choice by many former couples. This process involves a third-party mediator helping the couple communicate with each other and reach an agreement. If the mediator is successful, it could spare the couple from unnecessary expenses and long delays that litigation typically requires, sparing the couple from disputing the terms of the divorce in a courtroom.

The process is favored by the court in situations where children are a factor since the parental roles will be ongoing. The process also might also allow the former couple to develop communication skills that could help them relate better if future disagreements arise.

Divorce mediation could include issues such as child visitation, child support payments, spousal support, property division and other financial matters. A couple who is filing for divorce and interested in the divorce mediation process might hire a lawyer to assist them. A lawyer might be able to mediate between the two in order to come to a solution that considers each person’s interests.