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Divorce mediation in Connecticut

There are two types of divorce: those in which partners compete for every inch and those where both parties are committed to achieving a fair, equitable and cooperative future for themselves and for any children in the family. For those seeking an amicable divorce, mediation may be the ideal legal path to follow.

Divorce mediation sidesteps family court and allows both parties to create a mutually agreed-upon divorce agreement through a more collaborative process. It may be difficult for both parties to find a fair solution, and a mediator can help to get at the core of what is needed. Every divorce situation is different, and determining an equitable solution must take many factors into account such as alimony, child support and property division.

There are many advantages to divorce mediation over a more contentious divorce fought in the family law courts. For one, mediation is far less expensive for all parties involved. Second, it puts control squarely into the hands of the people involved in the decision rather than ceding it to a judge. Third, it encourages discussions to find common ground and allows for both parties to honestly air grievances with the help of a professional trained in conflict resolution. Finally, it can help to minimize the impact of divorce on children and the family by setting a tone of cooperation between both parties involved.

Divorcees may find the whole process of separation and divorce to be a lot easier with mediation from James A. Cuddy. He comes to the table with 17 years of experience and may be able to assist with finding common ground. He takes a mature, optimistic approach to his process aimed at supporting the dignity and fairness of both partners involved in the divorce. Check out Mr. Cuddy’s website for more information about mediation, divorce and other associated topics.