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Connecticut alimony payers have family law options

On Behalf of | Feb 26, 2015 | Alimony

Although alimony serves a necessary function for taking care of former spouses, disagreements over terms and settlements can render it less effective. Some disputes even delay other proceedings when they are not managed correctly, and those who fail to satisfy court alimony terms may be subjected to punitive measures, such as wage garnishment. At the Law Offices of James A Cuddy, LLC., we work hard to change the way Connecticut spouses feel about their alimony arrangements by helping them resolve disputes and identify workable agreement solutions.

Your current alimony arrangement might not take everything into account. Formal alimony orders are usually enacted to reflect each party’s living requirements, preexisting asset divisions, employment history and the length of a marriage, but such considerations may not be sufficient for each payer. Factors like advancing age, illness, diminished earning capacity and unexpected changes in financial status can make it difficult for people to pay alimony on time and in full. We are prepared to help you voice such concerns in courts, mediation sessions and other formal settings.

We have handled cases from both sides of the aisle. Although we are well versed in helping struggling individuals modify their alimony so that it supports them better, we have also assisted alimony payers who could not sustain their obligations. Our legal advisers offer diligent representation that helps us litigate on your behalf in official and out-of-court settings, and we have served families across the state for more than 17 years.

Alimony proceedings may not always result in the outcomes the parties anticipate or desire. Temporary approval of agreements and changing terms could place undue stress on these individuals when courts fail to take outside factors into account properly. Learn more about how alimony works by reading our page on the subject.