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Child custody mediation for Connecticut parents

Child custody mediation has become a popular alternative method of establishing a custody and visitation agreement in Connecticut. This type of mediation takes into account the needs and desires of both parents and children and allows for a more harmonious end to the marriage without visiting undue trauma or stress upon the children or the parents. However, successful child custody mediation requires certain key attitudes and behaviors on the part of both parents.

Entering mediation with a willingness to be honest and receptive to the observations and desires of the other parent and the children, as well as the advice and commentary of the mediator, is critical to the success of mediation. In mediation, compromise and the ability to make, consider, adapt and accept reasonable proposals from all sides is a healthy way to work out potential conflict points such as parental vacations and holidays.

Keeping balance and perspective and remembering mediation is about the children are also important. This can help defuse problematic situations and prevent dredging up hurts or complaints that are irrelevant to the mediation. The mediator’s task is to try to work toward an outcome where all parties benefit with minimum negative repercussions, making listening to the mediator’s suggestions especially important when objectivity or calm discussion seems impossible.

When beginning family law mediation, an attorney might start by reviewing the stated reasons for the divorce and how the parents interact with each other on a multitude of topics. In some cases, mediation may not be the optimal solution. The attorney may brief the client on what to expect and what behaviors are most and least likely to culminate in success. Finally, the attorney may present the results of mediation in court.