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The impact of mediation on divorce

Connecticut residents who are contemplating divorce may be interested in incorporating mediation into the divorce process. While divorce may be complex, mediation might help spouses reconcile differences that might be a source of discord.

Listening to one another is a major benefit of divorce mediation. Getting to the point where that occurs may be difficult. Spouses may have a series of issues they feel strongly about and differing opinions. Talking about those issues without rancor is a good first step toward a solution. However, discussion might be interrupted by emotion and dismissal of each party’s input.

This is where a mediator may begin to assist a couple in reaching a solution. Giving each spouse a chance to speak about the issue may help the spouses reach an agreement. The mediator may ask questions. This is usually done in an effort to understand the issue from each individual’s perspective and assist in reconciling the differences.

Listening is an effective part of the process. When a spouse is speaking, it might be difficult for the other spouse not to interrupt. However, for mediation to be successful, this might be best kept to a minimum. The mediator may discourage interruption and provide adequate time for each spouse to express his or her version. In some cases, the spouses may gain insight into the way the other spouse feels and gain empathy if not agreement with the facts as stated.

Successful mediation may shorten the divorce process by providing a platform for reaching an acceptable agreement. However, some issues do not lend themselves to mutual agreement, and negotiation is needed.

An attorney may help a spouse by reviewing the issues and agreements reached during mediation to ensure that a spouse’s rights are protected. Additionally, the attorney may offer guidance during negotiation.