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2 ways to have fun with your preschooler on visitation day

So you just went through a six-month-long child custody battle. Just when you thought you’d never get to see your child again, the judge awarded you two weekends a month to spend with your toddler. You’re thrilled, but you’re also terrified. What will you do with each other? How will you spend your time together? Will your little boy or girl have fun with you, or will she be bored to tears?

The first thing you need to keep in mind is that your young child will love whatever you do together, as long as it’s with you. Children adore their parents and they also help their parents know what kinds of things they enjoy.

2 fun things to try with your preschooler

With all that said, here are two fun things you might want to try to have fun with your child:

Play a game of bingo: Bingo is simple enough for young kids to play, and fun enough for adults to enjoy. Bingo is also a fun way to teach young children how to match the names of letters, numbers and shapes with the actual figures the names represent. Make your own bingo cards together with your child, make the matching cutout letters and shapes for them, mix them up in a bag, and go! The more adults and kids who play along, the better.

Make a tin can telephone: You know the old tin can telephone, where you take two old soup cans, poke a hole in the bottoms of them and connect them with a long string? This is so much fun and so easy to do, and your kids will be amazed at the magic of being able to talk with you across the length of your home or yard, simply by whispering into tin cans connected by a string. Who needs an iPhone when you’ve got a can-phone?

The most important thing is to secure your child custody rights

Aside from thinking of fun ways to spend your days with your child, the most important goal every single parent should have is to secure child visitation rights. Once you have this unfettered time with your children, the sky’s the limit when it comes to fun things you can do with one another.