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Don’t hire the first attorney you meet

Many people take their time when making big purchases. You may test drive several vehicles or tour several homes before making the decision to purchase. The same process should apply to choosing an attorney to represent you during your divorce. It’s possible that the first attorney you meet may not be the best for your situation.


Are they familiar with cases like yours? 

Not all divorce attorneys deal in traditional, collaborative and mediated divorce. Some may dabble in all three with varying degrees of experience. Not only is the form of divorce important but an attorney’s familiarity with the issues you need resolved in your situation is important to the relative ease of the process.

How do your personalities mesh?

Different people bring different personalities. An easygoing personality might put off someone with a more straightforward personality and vice versa. If you’re going to spend the coming weeks and months with this lawyer, don’t you want to make sure you work well together? Asking for their opinion on your case and their communication methods can give you an idea of whether you’ll enjoy working with this person or not.

A good place to start could include asking friends and family for referrals. This informal method allows you to question them about what they liked or disliked about working with this attorney.

Dont settle

You case is important and settling for the first attorney you find could have significant consequences. After all, this is the person who will be fighting for your financial and familial well-being. There’s no shame in doing your due diligence in finding the divorce attorney that is right for you.