Reasons to hire a divorce attorney

It’s only natural to want to complete your divorce as quick and inexpensively as possible. While it’s true that you may save money by foregoing hiring an attorney, you may find the process more difficult without a legal background.

Here are a few reasons to consider hiring a divorce attorney:

  • Someone who knows the law. The state of Connecticut will hold you to the same standards as a licensed attorney regardless of whether you have a law degree. An experienced divorce attorney understands the divorce process and has established relationships with judges.
  • Someone who knows your rights. Being unaware of your rights could greatly reduce your satisfaction with the divorce process, especially when it comes to division of property or child and spousal support agreements. Saving money in the short-term by choosing to represent yourself could cost you in the long-term while negotiating these agreements.
  • Someone to listen to you. Many people see hairstylists and bartenders as informal therapists for their clients and customers. A good divorce attorney works similarly. Your attorney is there to hear your concerns, frustrations and provide support during a difficult time. Why go through the process alone?
  • Someone to have those unpleasant conversations for you. Having an experienced attorney provides a facilitator for communication between you and your spouse. This is especially important if you don’t feel comfortable communicating with your ex or their attorney directly. Letting an attorney handle the unpleasant conversations with the other party takes the pressure off you.

A divorce attorney is a worthwhile investment

A good place to start is asking for a referral. Considering hundreds of thousands of people divorce every year in the United States, the chances are high someone can recommend someone to you. At minimum, hiring an attorney to make sure your paperwork is up to the standard of the court is a smart idea. This alone can greatly increase the efficiency of your divorce process.

You may find that you save money in the short-term by not hiring a divorce attorney but at what cost? Having an attorney ensures that you take advantage of all your legal rights in the divorce process and puts an experienced advocate in your corner.