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Post-divorce care for children

On Behalf of | Jul 17, 2019 | Divorce

The aftermath of a divorce can be difficult for children to handle as they try to become adjusted to a new life. However, there are some things that parents in Connecticut can do to protect their children after a divorce and ensure that they are able to enjoy their new life.

Parents should keep in mind that their children are not adults and should be provided an environment that allows them to be children. Parents should make every effort to refrain from burdening their children with adult communications or responsibilities.

The children should not feel the need to favor one parent over they another. Children whose parents get divorced tend to have divided loyalties; they may believe that because they are favoring one parent, they are betraying the other. Parents should encourage their children to spend and enjoy their time with the other parent. This can be done by demonstrating interest in the children’s relationship and activities with the ex-spouse.

It is also important that children are able to spend sufficient time with other children of the same age, even if it requires adjusting the parenting plan. Children need to have social time with their peers in order to properly develop emotionally and socially. Divorced parents should make sure that their children have substantial time for activities with their friends.

An attorney who practices family law may help parents navigate the divorce process. Depending on the circumstances of a divorce, the attorney may use litigation to resolve disputes regarding child custody, parenting time, spousal support, child support, visitation and the division of assets. Assistance may be provided for negotiating certain divorce settlement terms, such as those regarding a parental plan for after the divorce is finalized.